Thursday 28 July 2011

The Usual Scapegoats

I just received a very interesting email from Rolf Heittman, the CEO of the Norwegian Lutheran Mission, relating to Anders Behring Breivik.

Rolf says his "fundamentalist Christianity" and "pro-Israel" symathies are non-issues in Norway.

Rolf says in his message:

"We register that the terorist internationally has been described as "Christian". This is simply not a topic in Norwegian media.

"There has been no focus on the killer as 'Christian' or 'Pro-Israel', but rather a focus on an extrene right-wing terrorist with neo-Nazi symphathies.

"Yes, we know that he has established (together with British fellows) a 'Knights Templar' organization, but no Christian group in Norway (at least) will identify with such an ideology, nor with the Crusaders' methods and misuse of power."

So why is the media outside Norway obsessed with Breivik's supposed "fundamentalist Christian", "Zionist" convictions? Breivik is a gift to the western media. His deranged claims give the news outlets something to self-righteously bluster about while they sharpen their knives for the slaughter of a couple of sacrificial lambs.

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