Friday 20 April 2012

CWI launches online theological journal

Today, Christian Witness to Israel launched the first issue of ONE16, our free online theological journal. The subject of Israel and the Jewish people is possibly the most contentious and divisive issue within Evangelicalism, and generates a multitude of varying opinions, attitudes and controversies. ONE16 is CWI's attempt to address some of the issues surrounding Israel and to generate some light rather than heat. The first edition looks at some of the controversies surrounding the Jewish people and sets forth the case that Jewish people should not only be evangelised but also that Israel should be the primary focus of our gospel witness. In future issues, we plan to examine why the gospel is to the Jew first and how the church should apply the principle to its strategy for worldwide mission. In addition, we will also review pivotal works that have helped formulate Christian opinions – both positive and negative – on the subject of Israel. Click here to read ONE16 online (an Adobe Flash plug-in required).

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