Wednesday 28 April 2010

A Palestinian Zionist Organization?

I have long believed that there is no hope for a political solution to the Israel / Palestine problem. A single state would be the end of Israel and would result in Jews becoming a second-class citizens as they are in most Arab countries. A two-state solution, as we’ve seen with Gaza, would create an independent Palestine that from which state-sponsored terrorists would continue to attack Israel.

Palestinian Arab Elias Issa also believes that. Last week Issa marked Israel's 62nd Independence Day by launching the Palestinian Zionist Organization.

Issa rejects the notion that the Jewish state is a repressive entity that has stolen the lands of another people and established the PZO to show the world “why it must support the Jewish people and to [distance itself] from the terrorist Palestinian government."

Issa insists that an independent Palestinian state would be nothing more than a haven for terrorism, not only against Israel, but against the West in general. He also explains that the world has been duped, either knowingly or unwittingly, into believing that the Palestinians truly want a peaceful two-state solution.

“The Palestinians don't believe in a two-state solution; they only believe in a one-state solution – a land called Palestine [which] does not involve any Jewishness.”
For his own safety, Issa now resides in the United States, where Mosab Hassan Yousef, another former terrorist who now supports Israel, lives. Yousef’s book Son of Hamas, details his years of undercover service for Israel's security agencies, despite being the son of one of Hamas' top leaders. Coming closer to Israel and the Bible eventually resulted in Yousef becoming a Christian.

Israel’s critics frequently cite Jewish and Israeli critics of Israel to bolster their charges against Israel. But Israel’s Jewish critics do not have to live in exile with 24/7 protection. Indeed, Israeli Jeff Halper, who lives unmolested by his neighbours in Jerusalem, uses the very safety he enjoys as a stick to beat Israel. He regards the fact that his neighbours don’t persecute him for his anti-Israel activities as evidence that they don’t care about the plight of the Palestinians.
For more information on the Palestinian Zionist Organization, visit their website.


  1. I am ready to give the Palestinian Zionist Organisation help and publicity but I would like to receive confirmation that this is a genuine organisation.

    I have been unable to find anything original from this prganisation on the internet, or on Facebook.

    I cannot find Elias Issa listed anywhere.

    Therefore, until proof is received of its, and his, existence I am unable to be of assistance.

  2. Sorry for taking solong to answer you Good News. Have a look at the web site of the PZO: