Tuesday 6 July 2010

British Justice

British justice was once the shining symbol of democracy and the justice system. Not any more, it would seem!

Good News from Israel! Posted the following on Sunday 4 July.

Today, thanks to Justice George Bathurst-Norman, British justice is linked to the political bias of a presiding judge.

In at least one recent case, British justice has proved to be blind to truth, blind to facts and evidence, and its scales have tilted in favour of criminals and vandals who act according to a retired judge's political preferences.

In the court of George Bathurst-Norman, breaking the law, it seems, is permitted if the purpose is to cause damage to, or to slander, the State of Israel.

Seven activists who admitted causing £180 worth of damage to company property walked free. They had been accused of deliberately damaging the property of EDO MBM, a company that manufactures and exports military equipment from Britain.

Their defence was that they wanted to slow down and impede the delivery of spare parts to Israel because of its policy in Gaza.

Hove Crown Court in Brighton heard statements video-taped prior to the incident in which the perpetrators admitted that they intended to cause as much damage as they could to the property of EDO MBM. They also saw evidence of the damage. Yet Justice Bathurst-Norman found them NOT GUILTY!

In his summation, Judge Bathurst-Norman said, "You may well think that hell on earth would be an understatement of what the Gazans suffered".

This was the direction that the judge gave to the jury. Irrespective of the true situation in Gaza, this judge directed his jury according to his own political whim, which mirrored that of the activists and anarchists standing in the dock in his courtroom.

This judge effectively directed a jury based on his own political bias with the result that the accused were all acquitted of their crimes.

Judge Bathurst-Norman, who was born in the Arab town of Jaffa in Israel, had been dragged out of retirement to hear the case. That, in itself, is strange.

In a previous case he given a man a three-year jail sentence for lopping off the head of a statue of Margaret Thatcher. This was a statue, not Mrs Thatcher herself, or an expensive work of art.
Yet, damage assessed at almost two hundred thousands pounds Sterling deserved, according to his honour, complete freedom.

In 2001, he gave Abu Bakr Siddiqui a twelve-month suspended sentence for smuggling materials and technology out of Britain to be used for nuclear weapons in Iran and North Korea. A police search of his British home found that millions of dollars of equipment had been smuggled out of British to notorious Pakistani scientist A.Q. Khan. Usually, this charge carries a prolonged prison sentence.

But for Judge George Bathurst-Norman you can walk free if you commit a crime on behalf of Iran and North Korea, or if you commit a crime against Israel.

Whichever way you look at it, British justice is now politically biased.

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