Wednesday 15 December 2010

In the Shadow of Hitler

One of the most odious libels against Israel is the comparison of Israel with Nazi Germany. Those who peddle the lie seem unable to see just how offensive the charge is to Jewish people, especially those who survived the Holocaust seems. Such a comparison is rarely used to describe other regimes, even those which are actually guily of genocide.

Whatever we may think of Israel’s policies and actions, Israeli citizens – Arab and Jew alike – are allowed to voice their opposition to those policies from within Israel itself; something that was never allowed in Nazi Germany. Whatever we might think of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, Palestinians are not being systematically exterminated.

Now, a report by the UN National Archives, entitled “Hitler’s Shadow” demonstrates that Nazism and Islam share common values and, more importantly, a common enemy in the Jews. According to the report, World War II-era Palestinian Arab leader Haj Amin al-Husseini (pictured above with Hitler)was paid handsomely for fomenting hatred of the Jews in “Palestine” and for recruiting Muslims as Nazi soldiers. For his collaboration with the Nazis, Husseini was promised rulership of Palestine at the successful conclusion of the war.

One document cites Hitler informing Husseini that Nazi Germany’s only aim in conquering Palestine was to eradicate the Jews there. After that, the country would be Husseini’s to rule as he saw fit.

Husseini praised new Muslim recruits to the Nazi military, and stated that “the entire Muslim world ought to follow their example.”

The report concludes by noting that despite the mountain of evidence against him, the Allied powers allowed Husseini to flee to Syria after the war and did not pursue a criminal investigation. Husseini died in Beirut in 1974, a hero among his people.
The international community’s lenient treatment of Husseini, even though he had openly collaborated with modern history’s most brutal and criminal dictatorship, was repeated when the world decided to reward one of history’s the most blood-soaked terrorists, Yasser Arafat, by making him a head of state.


  1. Hello Mike - I agree that Nazism was in a class of its own in terms of brutality and that Jews (and others) suffered horribly under that godless system. But still we should remember that Palestinians are suffering too, even if to a much lesser extent. There is the danger as well that some Muslims states are also showing tyrannical streaks in killing opposition supporters, threating war in the Middle East against the Israeli state and persecuting Christians. As Christians we should be challenging all sides in light of the love of God that desires to reach out to all humanity and bring peace, justice and reconcilliation.

  2. Good post mike, we should not let anti-zionists (parricularly christian ones) edit husseini's collaboration with hitler out of history.