Saturday 26 March 2011

Tamar Fogel on Israel TV

Tamar Fogel is a remarkable young lady. The 12-year-old girl from the Jewish settlement of Itamar who discovered the bodies of her parents and three siblings after they had been mercilessly slaughtered was interviewed by Israel’s Channel 2 while sitting her shiva, the traditional Jewish seven-day mourning period for close relatives.

Watching the heart-wrenching interview, it is hard to believe that Tamar is just twelve years old. Her maturity, inteligence and composure are truly astonishing. She shows no trace of bitterness about the deaths of her parents. What is evident is a commitment to her peopel and to the land and a determination to follow the example set by her parents.

Pray for Tamar. At the scenes of the funeral of her family there is expressed a longing for the coming of David ben Yeshai (David the son of Jesse), the Messiah. May Tamar and the remaining members of her family, and all in Israel find peace, joy and fulfilment in Messiah Yeshua.

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