Friday 27 January 2012

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A new study shows that 80% of Israeli Jews believe in God. The study by the Gutman Center of the Israel Democracy Institute, conducted on behalf of the Avi-Chai fund, polled thousands of Israelis in the past several years, and discovered that the number of Israeli Jews who believe in God and practice a religious lifestyle is growing.

Studies during the 1990s showed a continuous decline in the level of belief among Jews in Israel, the latest study reveals that 77% of Israeli Jews believe in a ‘divine power’ that guides the world, and that 72% believe that prayer has the power to improve their lives. Further, 67% of Israelis believe the Jews are the chosen people, and 65% believe that the Torah and its commandments are of Divine origin. In addition, 34% believe that Jews who do not observe the Torah are endangering their fellow Jews and Israelis.

An increasing number of young Israelis are coming to faith in Jesus and that thousands of Israelis are using the World Wide Web to find out about Jesus.

Israelis spend, on average, twice as much time on the Internet as Americans, and a massive 94% of Israeli Internet users are active on social networks and spend over 11 hours each month on Facebook, more than double the 5.7 hours spent by the average person worldwide.

In the last two years, a number of Israeli Messianic Jews have begun using the Internet and social networking sites to reach their fellow Jews with the message of Jesus. The website is aimed at secular Israelis who are looking for something deeper in life, attracts those from an Orthodox background, while another site allows visitors to either download or order a print copy of the New Testament free of charge.

Most Israelis know nothing of the prophecies in the Hebrew Scriptures that point to Jesus but adverts on Facebook, Google and other high-traffic websites are attracting thousands of visitors to evangelistic Hebrew-language websites such as which presents a childishly simple explanation of God’s plan of redemption.

The statistics are impressive. Every month, Israelis google the name Yeshua (Jesus) more than 25,000 times, while Brit Hadasha (New Testament) is googled over 5,000 times. On average, an Israeli downloads a New Testament in MP3 format every five hours, while a free copy of the New Testament is ordered every 17 hours.

CWI's Israel website carries a wide range of evangelistic and teaching material at

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