Tuesday 5 February 2013

The night the world went mad

I just heard the result of the Commons' vote on gay marriage and some of the debate as I was driving. I felt like I was listening to a state funeral for common sense and intelligence. Tonight was the night when MPs of all sides, in a fit of midwinter madness, threw what brains they had out of the window of the House of Commons to drift swiftly down the Thames to the sea.

I was furious to hear one MP liken the bar on gay marriage to the suffering of African Americans in the Deep South of a bygone era. He rejected the 'different-but-equal' thinking of civil partnerships. That reasoning, he said, was the reason behind separate toilets, separate drinking fountains, separate schools buses and separate restaurants in Alabama and Mississippi. Every black person on the planet should feel deeply insulted by that analogy. We do not segregate gay people in public places. Homosexuals have the same rights as everyone else. No gay men or lesbians are suffering simply because they are not allowed to marry.

But it once again demonstrates that gay propaganda is not about rational discourse. The only reason the homosexual lifestyle is now widely accepted as 'normal' is that since the 1970s gay people have been uniformly portrayed in TV soap operas as warm, sensitive, witty, caring human beings. By the same token 'religious' (read Christian) people have been stereotyped as self-righteous busy-bodies, possessing not one drop of the milk of human kindness.

In the snippets of the debate I heard, there was no mention of morality. Black people and Jews were not persecuted for their lifestyles; they were hated (and still are) because they were black or because they were Jewish. Gay men have chosen a lifestyle that spreads terrible diseases within their own community but they are not content to be 'different-but-equal'. They want to be, judging from remarks in tonight's debate, 'same-and-equal'. Well, if you think that, someone needs to explain to you about the birds and the bees! To change the metaphor, oranges and apples might equally be fruit but oranges are not apples.

One young man outside Parliament hoped one day to marry one of his lovers and have a family. Does he have any idea how stupid that sounds? Does he have and idea how idiotic that remark is? If he marries one of his male lovers, they will never be able to have a family!

Let me be quite clear here. I'm not a bigot. I do not hate gay people. Just because you say someone is wrong does not mean you don't like them, still less that you hate them. I'm just exasperated by this Pythonesque display of Postmodern idiocy in high places at taxpayer's expense. The only way we now know some of our MPs have brains is because they appear to have addled them! We are being ruled by knaves and fools and the worst of it is that the rest of us will suffer for their stupidity.

May God have mercy on us all!

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