During a public meeting of around 300 people last night,.Labour Party leader Ed Miliband pledged his support for Israel and declared total opposition to those who support boycotts against the Jewish State. 
In an event organised by the UK Board of Jewish Deputies, Miliband touched on his own personal connections to Israel, recalling that his grandmother had settled in Tel Aviv after the Second World War: 'I have huge respect, admiration and indeed a debt…to Israel for the sanctuary it gave my grandmother – Israel gave her comfort.' 

Asked by a member of the audience whether he is a Zionist, the Labour leader replied, 'Yes, I consider myself a supporter of Israel.'
Miliband then said that although he does 'not always agree' with Israel’s government and that people should 'understand the anger and dismay about settlements,' he is 'intolerant of those who question Israel’s right to exist. We should have no tolerance for those who go down that road.' 

Expanding on this theme, the Leader of the Opposition continued, 'I take anti-Semitism very seriously. Any kind of delegitimisation of Israel is something we should call out for what it is and not tolerate it.'

As a result, Miliband firmly stated, 'I think the boycotts of Israel are totally wrong. We should have no tolerance for boycotts. I would say that to any trade union leaders.'
He affirmed his commitment to a two-state solution on several occasions and talked about the need to 'encourage moderate' Palestinians, hoping that Britain could be an 'honest broker' in the process. Addressing Iran’s nuclear development, Miliband said that although he supported the dual approach of diplomacy and sanctions, we should not take any option off the table.'