Saturday 9 March 2013

Hamas’ blockade against Gaza

Since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005, the Jewish state has been working with the Palestinian Authority to ensure that regular food supplies enter Gaza. But last Monday Hamas seized control of Gaza’s border crossings from the PA and promptly closed the gates, leaving dozens of heavy trucks loaded with perishable items and humanitarian aid sitting idly on the border, unable to enter the coastal enclave.
Israeli General Eitan Dangot, the officer in charge of coordinating aid transfers, stressed that Israel continues to facilitate the entry of goods to Gaza, and will gladly resume that practice once Hamas opens the border. He further noted that Hamas is inflicting great harm on its own people in a misguided attempt to score PR points with the international community.
So where are all those blockaders, boycotters, disinvesters and sanction advocates when the poor of Gaza really need them?

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