Friday 3 August 2012

Judge rules girl of 10 can choose to convert from Judaism to Christianity

According to The Telegraph yesterday, a 10-year-old Jewish girl has been permitted to become a Christian after a judge rejected claims by her mother that she had been ‘brainwashed’ and was too young to change faith.

The schoolgirl’s divorced parents were ‘at war’ over her desire to be baptised at the church her father, himself a convert, now attends. But at the end of an unusual case a judge has ruled that she is mature enough to choose her religion, and alongside his judgment wrote a personal letter to the girl explaining his decision:

‘Sometimes parents simply cannot agree on what is best for their child, but they can’t both be right. Your father thinks it is right for you to be baptised as a Christian now. Your mother wants you to wait until you are older, so they have asked me to decide for them. . .

‘I have decided that the best thing for you is that you are allowed to start your baptism classes as soon as they can be arranged and that you are baptised as a Christian as soon as your minister feels you are ready.’

But the judge stressed that it did not mean the girl would lose her Jewish heritage.

The father said his daughter told him on the way back from an evangelical Christian festival that she had ‘experienced an encounter with God’.

Read the full story here.

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