Saturday 25 August 2012

‘Six Million Should Die’ to create a single Palestinian state

Stephen Sizer is promoting a new publication After Zionism, edited by Antony Lowenstein and Ahmed Moore, about the search for a one state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Stephen Sizer admitted to me three years ago when we met for coffee, that a one-state solution would mean the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

According to the publicity blurb one of the editors, Antony Loewenstein, is ‘an Australian journalist, activist and blogger. He is the author of two bestselling books, My Israel Question and The Blogging Revolution. He has written for The Guardian, The Nation, Huffington Post, Haaretz and other prominent publications. He lives in Sydney, Australia.’

Lowenstein describes himself as ‘a non-practising atheist Jew’ and last Wednesday (22 August) he and Moor spoke at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London to promote the book. Richard Millett was there and on his blog reports:

Loewenstein told the audience of about 150 that Zionism actually is the issue here. Although it is probably very hard to imagine in 2012 the idea of a Middle East country called Israel that’s not a Zionist state, the truth is that it was impossible equally to imagine a South African country that wasn’t wracked with apartheid.

Both Loewenstein and Moor are big supporters of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel. . .

Frank Barat, the Chairman of the meeting, is another supporter of boycott, divestment and sanctions. In an online interview, Barat and his comrades were savaged by no less than Norman Finkelstein, one of Israel’s most extreme critics. Finkelstein accused BDSers of silliness, childishness, leftist posturing, duplicity and dishonesty. According to Finkelstein, the BDS movement is a cult that does not want Israel to exist but is afraid to say so. His charge was justified when:

During the Q&A, Jonathan Hoffman asked Loewenstein how many people Loewenstein thinks should die for this one-state solution, that Loewenstein wants so much, to come into existence. The idea being that Israelis are not going to vote themselves out of existence, so presumably such a state could come about only by force involving more bloodshed.

As Loewenstein wasn’t quite answering the question he was pressed further by Hoffman as to how many people Loewenstein thinks should die. First, Frank Barat, the Chairman, answered '200,000' . Then Loewenstein answered, ‘Six million. That’s my answer. Write that down.’

Mocking the Holocaust, says Millet, seems to be becoming de rigeuer within anti-Israel activism.

A supporter of BDS, Jane Green, told Millett and Jonathan Hoffman in October 2011 that Israeli Jews were ‘total Nazis’ who were using the Holocaust to ‘kill the Palestinians’ and to ‘commit genocide against another people’.

I am firmly of the opinion that most pro-Palestinians are nothing of the sort; they are just anti-Israel and, as such, are anti-Jew.

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