Friday 31 August 2012

Masters of the Universe

MEMRI has a remarkable interview with Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi (above) who believes, 'The Day will come when we [Muslims] will be the masters of the world.'
The goal of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is to to establish an Islamic caliphate from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf. The goal of this caliphate would be to purge the Muslim world of the Western and Israeli 'scourge.'
The clip is from an interview with Higazi, a professor of political science, t broadcast on the Egyptian news station, Al-Kahera Wal-Nas broadcast on 14 August. With Allah’s help, says Prof Higazi, 'Israel will be annihilated' by 2013. 
He acknowledges the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to establish a caliphate as if it were a forgone conclusion. The professor proclaims that the Muslim default is 'peace' before declaring that he has no problem engaging in all out war against Israel. Higazi, who is also a cleric, issues a fatwa mandating that Israelis should be shot and killed on the spot for being 'occupiers' of Arab land [i.e. Israel].
'We are constantly keeping the memory alive among the younger generations,' says the Prof, 'so that they will realize that the Palestinian cause is an essential one. The hope and the memory will later turn into action. By next year, Allah willing, Israel will be annihilated.'
The Egyptian interviewer asks how, if Higazi is truly a man of peace, he could issue such a fatwa. The interviewer also pushes Higazi on the Camp David accords, which brought peace and stability to Egypt and Israel. The cleric says it wasn’t Camp David but, rather, Egypt’s 'victory' in the 1973 Yom Kippur War that brought peace to the two nations. Of course, the Yom Kippur War, while resulting in roughly 2,800 Israeli casualties (not including the nearly 9,000 soldiers wounded), ended in a decisive tactical victory for the Israelis.

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